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Abnos Property Management seeks and acquires undervalued properties, makes necessary leasing and capital improvements, and optimizes occupancy. Our strategies and underwriting allow us to exploit market inefficiencies and add substantial value to each property while simultaneously limiting each investment's downside risk.


All Sizes and Prices of Interest 

Preferred Market:

Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area

Other Markets:
Any Western State 

Asset Classes:

Opportunistic, Value-Add, and Core Plus


Prefer High Traffic Corridors, Signalized Corners, Commercial Trade Areas, Urban In-fill, Local Neighborhood Retail, and Opportunity Zones


Multi-Tenant Retail, Single-Tenant Office, Single-Tenant Restaurant, Multi-Tenant Office, Multi-Tenant Light Industrial


Any and All Tenant Types, From National Credit Tenants to Small Business Startups

Abnos Property Management has the resources and motivation to conclude transactions in a wide range of market conditions. We can promise a timely response, accommodate long or short escrows and close quickly.

Abnos Property Management works with, protects, and compensates brokers who bring us high-quality acquisition opportunities. If you would like to discuss a new opportunity, please contact us:

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